Research Paper of DVORAK Keyboard


The DVORAK keyboard layout, developed by Dr. August Dvorak and his brother-in-law, Dr. William Dealey, in the 1930s, is an alternative to the traditional QWERTY keyboard layout. This research paper explores the history, design principles, advantages, disadvantages, and adoption of the DVORAK keyboard. By comparing it with the widely used QWERTY layout, we aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of the DVORAK keyboard’s effectiveness and potential benefits in enhancing typing speed, accuracy, and ergonomic comfort.


Dvorak is an English keyboard layout invented in 1936 by August Dvorak and his brother William Dealey as a fast, more ergonomic alternative to the QWERTY layout. Dvorak was created with the idea that it could speed up typing by alleviating some of the quirks of the QWERTY layout, such as the clumsy fingers required for multiple text links. Some mixed notes are written with the same fingering.


The design principles behind the Dvorak keyboard focus on optimizing typing efficiency by reducing finger movement, minimizing fatigue, and increasing typing speed. Here are the key design principles of the Dvorak keyboard:

  • Letter Placement: In the Dvorak layout, the most frequently used letters and letter combinations in the English language are placed in the “home row” (the middle row where fingers naturally rest) to minimize finger movement. Common letters such as vowels and consonants are strategically placed for easy access.
  • Finger Load Distribution: The Dvorak layout is designed to distribute the typing load more evenly across all fingers. Frequently used letters are placed on stronger fingers, reducing the strain on weaker fingers and minimizing fatigue during extended typing sessions.
  • Efficient Use of Alternating Hands: The layout encourages the alternating use of hands for consecutive keystrokes. This means that when typing common words or phrases, fingers from both hands are often used in a rhythmic pattern, reducing the need for awkward and fatiguing finger stretches.


Some of the major advantage of DVORAK keyboard are:

  • Increased Typing Speed
  • Improved Typing Accuracy
  • Enhanced Ergonomics
  • Reduced Strain and Fatigue


Some of the disadvantage of DVORAK keyboard are:

  • Limited Availability and Compatibility
  • Learning Curve and Transition Challenges
  • Resistance to Change
  • Cultural and Linguistic Adaptations


Some of the major research studies on DVORAK keyboard are the following:

  • Significantly increase of Typing speed: It is reported that that after using Dvorak keyboard professionals discovered significant increase in typing speed in comparison with QWERTY keyboard.
  • Comparison Studies between DVORAK and QWERTY: The studies between DVORAK and QWERTY keyboard shows that while using DVORAK keyboard professionals and other users significantly see the difference in typing speed between DVORAK keyboard and QWERTY keyboard.


As of we have done our research, we reached our conclusion that by using DVORAK keyboard a user can significantly increase the typing speed, efficiency and the accuracy because of the keyword’s location and a rhythmic pattern. In the standard QWERTY keyboard, it is a little difficult to use your hands because of the limited space and the keyword’s location but in DVORAK it is not a problem because a user can easily adjust the hands and efficiently use it without a problem.


  • In Industries: DVORAK keyboard has a major potential of being used in industries in future because of its promising results of increasing of typing speed which will revolutionize the industry itself on its own.
  • Potential Impact of Emerging Technologies: The DVORAK layout could be integrated into virtual keyboards on electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, computers etc. allowing users to experience its ergonomic benefits on a wide range of platforms.


As of the promising results of DVORAK keyboard providing us with the significantly increase in typing speed. The implementation of DVORAK keyboard in industries and in personal use can easily change the working environment.

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